Summer OOTD Work Edition: What to Wear to the Office

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Today was such a beautiful day here, it was 34 degrees and sunny, and I even got my first sunburn of the season! Not that this is something to be proud of…I put sunscreen on before I left the house this morning, I swear! But I clearly didn’t do a good enough job, because my shoulders are looking a little red this evening. It’s on days like today when I just want to wear shorts and a tank top and go to the beach. Dressing for the office when it’s so hot out takes a bit more effort when you still have to look put together but you don’t want to melt. Today I’m sharing with you a cute outfit I often wear to work that’s perfect in this heat. It’s a summer OOTD work edition!

summer ootd work edition

I love this top because it’s sleeveless, which is nice in hot weather, and the straps are wide enough that it’s appropriate for work. It’s also great for the summer because it’s made of polyester, making it really light and breathable. The tie in the front also adds a nice element of dressiness to an otherwise simple top.

summer ootd work edition

Flowy skirts are one of my favourite things to wear anytime, but especially at work in the summer. I feel put together and feminine while also keeping cool!

summer ootd work edition

Top: Blue Notes
Skirt: Max Studio

What are your go-to work outfits in the summer?