Life Lately: Looking Back on February and Currently in March

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Hello! I did not mean to take a month off blogging, but here we are! February was a crazy month. This post will be a “life lately” one, looking back on February, then filling you in on what I’ve been up to in March so far!

The first weekend my husband and I had to go to Vancouver, and of course it was the weekend of snowpocalypse. The highways were crazy, but we ended up feeling lucky a week later, because the next weekend the highways were actually closed because the weather was so bad.

life lately

Then the next weekend was Family Day/Valentines Day weekend, which was the best weekend I have had in SO LONG! My hubby and I had a staycation where we stayed in a hotel on the lake and it was so magical! *insert heart eye emoji* You definitely do not need to go on an exotic faraway vacation to have a good time. Sometimes all you need is a bit of a change of scenery at a nice hotel in another part of town. Then last weekend we spent time visiting family an hour away, which was nice. I love living close enough to family that we can go down and visit anytime.

life lately

Now that you’re caught up on what I’ve been up to the last month…I thought I’d do a “currently in March” post. This is a fun little tag post where I talk briefly about some of the things I’ve been up to lately. I did one of these back in September, so if you want to check that out, click here. Spoiler, almost everything is related to my trip to New York City haha.

March: I am Currently…

Reading…Girl Online Going Solo, the third book in the Girl Online series by Zoe Sugg. I will have a review coming when I finish the book, but basically they are very easy reads, definitely meant for a younger audience. They are not the most riveting or thought-provoking books, but I’m a fan of Zoe’s so I read them. See previous reviews here and here.

Watching…Love Meg on YouTube. Nikki Phillippi recommended her in her January favourites video, and I’ve been really enjoying her videos. Meg is a stay-at-home mom of two, and she makes a lot of cleaning videos, and since I like watching YouTube while I clean, it’s like a full-on cleaning party.

Trying…to be patient! Big things are (potentially) on the horizon for my husband and I, but we won’t find out for a couple more months.

Cooking…not much lately…I have been so uninspired for dinners! Last night we made tortellini with chicken, alfredo sauce and broccoli though, and it was delish!

Eating…berry yogurt and Kashi granola for breakfast every day. This has been my go-to breakfast for a couple of months now, and I love it! Except on Sundays. Sundays are for banana chocolate chip pancakes. No questions. 😉

Drinking…either water or Carnation Instant Breakfast chocolate milk. My daily staples!

Going…to Toronto in June! This isn’t really a “currently” thing, but I recently found out I’m going to Toronto for a conference and I am so excited, because I’ve never been to Ontario before! I’m planning to stay an extra couple of days and explore the city, so if you have any recommendations, let me know, because  the only thing I’ve even heard of is the CN Tower haha.

Loving…writing this blog post! I was so into blogging in January, I consistently had two posts a week and I was so proud of myself. Then February happened, and it’s always hard to get back into something after you’ve taken time away from it, so I’m looking forward to reintegrating this into my routine.

Thinking…about ways to grow my hair and keep it healthy without going to the hairdresser. I haven’t had my hair professionally cut in almost a year because I rarely have good experiences with hairdressers. Forgive me if I’m still a bit scarred when a hairdresser accidentally died my blonde hair purple last year…See 25 thoughts I’ve had while at the hair salon here.

Feeling…so sick of the snow! It is March and our backyard is still covered in snow, and apparently it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow! I am so ready for spring! Although today has been the warmest and sunniest day in a while, so maybe there’s hope.

Listening…to CBC Radio 2. I have been really sick of regular pop radio lately, so I recently switched to listening to CBC Radio 2, which if you’re not from Canada, CBC stands for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Radio 2 plays everything from jazz to symphony music to pop to Canadian music to opera…you name it, they’ve got it. I’m really enjoying the variety 🙂

Celebrating…paying off my student loans! I only had a small loan, thankfully, but I got a congratulatory letter in the mail a couple of days ago from the loan association, and it made me so happy to be free!

Smelling…a cranberry mandarin candle I recently bought from Walmart. This candle smells DIVINE! The smell even lingers the next day or two after you burn it. It’s amazing.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to let me know what you’ve been up to lately in the comments below 🙂

  • Sounds like you had an awesome time. And yey for paying off your student loan!

    • Thank you! So exciting! 🙂

  • I wanted to read Zoe’s books as well but my library didn’t have them and I didn’t want to buy them. :/ Soo.. maybe someday. 😀 I suppose they are normal teen novels. 😉
    It is snowing here in Latvia too. :/ It was so snowy in the beginning of this week that it felt like real Christmas time. Not cool, not cool. It is getting better though. Hope the spring weather sticks finally! 🙂 And YAY for the student loan! 🙂 Always good to be debt free. 🙂 🙂

    • Can you request your library to buy them? That’s what I did! I am so ready for spring too! Melt snow, melt! 😉

    • Can you request your library to buy them? That’s what I did! We had a ton more snow last week I think it was, but it’s finally getting warmer, and it’s almost all melted now! 🙂 So excited for spring 🙂

  • Love it! I just finished girl online going solo and I loved it! I thought it was much better than the second book and I was really pleased with the mounting drama & wrapping up! 🙂

    • I agree! I just finished it a couple of days ago, and I think it was my favourite of the three.