Five Minute Friday: BREATHE

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It’s Five Minute Friday time!¬†Five Minute Friday is a weekly linkup hosted by Kate Motaung.¬†Every week, Kate posts a prompt, and participants have five minutes to write about it. I’m really loving this format, not only because it’s a fun writing exercise, but also because I get to share a bit more about myself with you. Last week’s topic was control, and this week’s word is BREATHE.

five minute friday

Start the clock!

Breathe. It’s so funny that this is the word today, because I have barely sat down to breathe today, because I’ve been so busy cleaning and getting the house ready before we go on a weekend road trip tomorrow. I had a rare Friday off work today, and it was actually really nice to be able to have the whole day to myself and get things done though.

As an introvert, I am energized by time alone. It fuels my soul and my mind. Even though I was busy today, it was on my own time, and I feel great! I had the time and space I needed to breathe and relax, and now I am ready for a busy weekend.



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  • Hi, happy to meet you and I LOVE your “Breathe” graphic! We’re FMF neighbours this week; I”m parked in #93 and you can find me here: Have a blessed one!

  • I agree, sometimes time alone is important to take space to breathe and re-energise in the middle of the busyness. Hope you enjoy your trip!

  • Marsha Hays

    I am also energized by alone time, but it is so rare. We all need that time to catch our breath, focus, and seek God. Thanks for sharing! Visiting from FMF.