Skincare Essentials for Dry Skin

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I have struggled with dry skin for many years, but it is only in the last year that I have really worked to find a skincare routine that works for me and my skin. It’s amazing how the right products can really make a difference. No more tight skin or dry patches here! Keep reading to see my top skincare essentials for dry skin, including a face cream, an eye cream, an overnight hydrating mask and a cleanser.

skincare essentials dry skin Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream

I have tried so many face creams, and I have never liked any enough to repurchase one, until now. Last year, I received a deluxe sample of this cream, and I loved it so much I ran out to purchase it. This cream is so simple. It has no scent, which I really like and is good for sensitive skin.  is thin, but not watery, and it soaks into the skin really well. I love how it immediately makes the skin feel incredibly soft. It’s amazing! I have been using this as a day and night cream since last September, and I have seen great results.

Pai Gentle Eye Cream

I heard of this brand from Estee Lalonde, who also has dry skin. She raved about it in a video and said it had really helped with dryness around her eyes, so of course I immediately ordered it. The first thing I noticed was a little of this product goes a LONG way. The smallest pump is enough for both eyes. This product also has no scent but is thicker than the Kiehls cream. It is very smooth and glides on the skin well. I use it both under my eyes and on my eyelids.

skincare essentials dry skin

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

I got this as a deluxe sample from the Sephora website, and I fell in LOVE with it. I’m not sure why this is classified as a mask, because to me this is more of a thick cream, but it definitely delivers in its promise of hydration. First of all, this product smells amazing. I would describe it as citrusy, peachy and sweet. I am usually against scented face products,  as I mentioned earlier, but this is too good, and it doesn’t irritate my skin, so I make an exception. This product soaks into the skin well and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. In the morning, my face feels like it has a brand new layer of skin that has never been exposed to the outside world. SO. SMOOTH.

Cera Ve Hydrating Cleanser

This cleanser is the answer to all my face wash prayers. Before I started using this, I was having issues with dry, cracked skin around my eyes. After a few days of using this, it completely went away. This face wash is gentle, unscented and non-foaming, which is important for dry skin. This cleans my skin and makes it feel good, which I love!

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skincare essentials dry skin


Have you ever used any of these products? What are your favourite skincare products?

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