Five Minute Friday: REFINE

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Today is my first time participating in the Five Minute Friday linkup, started by Lisa Jo Baker and now carried on by Kate Motaung. Every week, Kate posts a prompt, and participants have five minutes to write about it. The point is to write for five minutes and not worry about editing, mistakes or overthinking the topic. Just write! This week’s topic is REFINE.

Refine: to remove impurities or unwanted elements from (a substance), typically as part of an industrial process.

-to improve (something) by making small changes, in particular make (an idea, theory, or method) more subtle and accurate.

five minute friday

Start the clock!

I am currently in a season of waiting. Waiting to see what the next path is, waiting to see where we will end up and what our future might look like. Trials and struggles and frustrations often feel so overwhelming, I am anxious to get to the next stage just to get through to the other side.

But doesn’t every stage of life have its own set of worries and troubles? Learning from our hardships is so important in the refinery process of our lives, because we can take what we learned and not only move forward but grow and improve and prepare for whatever comes next.



five minute friday

  • Welcome to FMF! Those times of waiting and uncertainty are definitely not easy but it is good to focus on what we can learn and often when we look back we can see good that has come from those times that it was hard to see at the time.

    • Thank you for the welcome! I am glad to be part of it! Yes, it can definitely be so hard to see the good while we’re in it. I think that’s why it’s so important to reflect on our past experiences 🙂

  • Megan Allison

    Same boat! This was my first FMF too. =) I feel like everyone is constantly in some season of waiting–but not all of us admit it. So much refining can happen during waiting periods! Not just thinking about what’s coming, but looking at the here & now and how we can improve where we are NOW. Who we are NOW. Great 5 minutes! 😉

    • Thank you for reading and for your lovely comment! I’m glad to see another newbie to this series, I found it so much fun! I’d love to check out your blog, what is it?

  • Kate

    Welcome to Five Minute Friday, Andrea! So good to have you join us! I hope it’s the first of many. 🙂 I love the image you created, by the way. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this glimpse into your story!

    • Thanks Kate! 🙂 I definitely plan to continue participating. Can’t wait to see what the next prompt is! 🙂