Blogging Goals 2017: Upping the Social Media Game

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Yesterday was my one-year bloggiversary, and I celebrated my writing out 4 Reasons I’m Happy I Started a Blog, and why I keep doing it. I have enjoyed this past year so much, and this coming year I hope to continue growing my blog and continue improving. This post will be all about my 2017 blogging goals, with a focus on upping my social media game. Good content is a priority for me, but of course I want people to read what I am writing and creating, so that is why I am choosing social media as a focus for the year.

Blogging Goals


//current: 386

I have been working really hard to be more active on Twitter and engage with people, and I love it. Twitter is my favourite social media app, because I get to connect with other bloggers and chat with people, and it’s so interactive. However, I never schedule tweets or promote a post more than a few times, and it can feel like I am getting lost in the crowd. My goal is to sit down and write out a schedule/strategy and schedule a bunch of tweets, but still be active daily and interact with people. If anyone has any tips on this, please let me know!


//current: 101

I love Instagram, but I just cannot seem to get into it for my blog. When I first started More Than Rubies, I was using my phone to switch between my personal account and my blog account, but I was paranoid my blog account was connecting to my personal Facebook account. So I recently decided to log into my blog’s Instagram on my tablet instead, but it’s an older Samsung one and there aren’t any emojis (gasp!) and it’s slower, and it’s a lot more work to email the pictures to myself then upload them with my tablet. Even posting once a week on there would be an accomplishment! All this to say, my Instagram game is a total fail, and I really want to fix that! I don’t have a solution for this yet, but hopefully when I check back in next I will be in a much better place in the Instagram world. (Again, any tips would be much appreciated!)


//current: 119

I love Pinterest so much, and I see the great potential it has for promoting blog posts. Continuing to make the effort to create pinnable images is a big goal for me this year, as is learning to promote myself on Pinterest more. As with Twitter, I never schedule posts on Pinterest, and this is something I really want to change.


//current: 81

I love Bloglovin because it makes it so much easier to keep up with all the blogs I follow. It has definitely become one of my most used apps this past year. I have worked really hard to build up my Bloglovin following, and I plan to continue this. Bloglovin is awesome because if someone follows your blog, then every new post will show up in their feed. The more people like and save posts, the more they get suggested to other people, and it seems that is the most effective way to grow. Rather than just promoting my Bloglovin page on Twitter, which is what I have been doing, I plan to engage my followers more by encouraging them to like or save a post and hopefully build up more of a following that way.

Over all, this year I hope to engage more on social media and become smarter in my approach to it. I know this will take a lot of work, but I’m hoping if I can set up a basic plan, then it will become easier over time. I will definitely keep you all updated on how this is going and check back in in a few months!


  • Ahh can’t wait to see your blog grow this year <3

    • Thanks Adrienne!!! Excited to see where your blog goes as well! 🙂 <3

  • This is so interesting! My twitter and bloglovin are the ones I struggle with, whereas I’m seeing good growth on pinterest and instagram! haha we could definitely learn from each other! As far as Pinterest goes – do you use group boards? They are seriously amazing, especially when you pair it with scheduling (I use Tailwind which has a great, LONG free trial). Just my little tips 🙂 How have you grown your Twitter so successfully?!

    • I did reply to this last week, but it appears it didn’t work, so here we go again! Thank you so much for the Pinterest tips, I downloaded Tailwind the next day and started using it. I’m still very overwhelmed by it, but I’m sure once I get the hand of it it will be really useful! I also requested to join a bunch of group boards! 🙂 I’ve been growing my Twitter by engaging in Twitter chats, although it can be hard with the time differences, but I find chatting with people and encouraging them is a great way to build connections and grow a following. Also, there are Facebook groups dedicated to growing social media for bloggers, and I’ve participated in a few Twitter ones 🙂

  • Brooklyn

    Love reading blogging goals. I wrote mine in my day planner yesterday.
    I find growing Instagram to be so hard. I feel like right now I’m stuck with growing my social media following.
    Good luck with all of your goals for this year!!!

    • I love using my day planner! I look at it so many times a day, couldn’t live without it! Good luck with your social media as well! 🙂